A simple interface for managing time logs in Ledger format.

Sample usage:

$ clock in CLI1
Task: Making coffee
i 2016/04/17 21:40:50 CLI1  Making coffee
$ clock in CLI1
Task: Fitting round pegs into square holes
o 2016/04/17 21:45:15
i 2016/04/17 21:45:15 CLI1  Fitting round pegs into square holes
$ clock in CLI2
Task: Writing TPS reports
o 2016/04/17 22:10:27
i 2016/04/17 22:10:27 CLI2  Writing TPS reports
$ clock out
o 2016/04/17 22:30:33
$ clock bal
               29.6m  CLI1
               20.1m  CLI2
$ clock reg
2016-04-17 Making coffee                                      (CLI1)    4.4m    4.4m
2016-04-17 Fitting round pegs into square holes               (CLI1)   25.2m   29.6m
2016-04-17 Writing TPS reports                                (CLI2)   20.1m   49.7m
$ clock reg -W CLI1
2016-04-17 - 2016-04-23                                       (CLI1)   29.6m   29.6m

See notes in the script for more details, as well as the Ledger manual.

Future plans include implementing time log parsing and reporting internally, to remove the Ledger dependency and improve report flexibility.