My PGP Key

September 2019 update: I have a new key with transition statement; my somewhat misguided overengineering of 2014-2016 is preserved below for whatever historical value.

Download full key

Fingerprint: 2599 9E50 95BA 9A2E 1CE6 305E A890 2A7C ACFD 13B0

Fingerprint as QR code

Note that I use a subkey for signing, as discussed here.

You can use the key to verify my other online identities through this clearsigned file. As proof of existence of the file (and signing key) on the claimed date, its SHA512 digest is recorded in Bitcoin transaction 498a9ec37c2bb2eceb21c6a47fd6ba4f00df2f65249abf045e96b9d4cec5db4c, in block 00000000000000000433b3747bae5d9a2a9fe4108b357c61d57e40a86e030121, height 408057.