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Wiki Backup

I'm hosting a read-only snapshot of the Bitcoin Wiki, updated from time to time based on the public dumps. Limitations:

  • English only. In MediaWiki, languages are treated as separate installations which complicates setup. English has by far the most content here anyway. But I can work on this if there's interest.
  • Incomplete image history. Data files are not included in the dumps. Those here have been bulk downloaded via API; they might not be updated as often and may be missing revision history.
  • Possibly missing extensions. The upstream wiki uses many extensions and I haven't investigated them all yet. Let me know if you come across pages that aren't rendering properly.
  • No user accounts. Other than usernames, login information is not included in the MediaWiki dump format. The upstream wiki does not provide full database dumps; that would be a security and privacy problem.

Otherwise, all the usual features should work, such as page revision history and search. Enjoy!

The dumps from the dates I update the site are also available (recompressed as XZ, because it makes a big difference).

If you find this a valuable resource, please consider donating to keep it alive (the hosting costs me $5 a month, minimum). Thanks! 1DQeXVp8LXBzxjH9izKeZeDEaTifPMssU [view on]


Monitoring/visualization GUI for a Bitcoin node.