QR Code Generator for Blender

Blender addon for generating QR code meshes, with no need for an external program or web service.

By Jacob Welsh, June 2014

This addon is free software; you may modify or redistribute it under the terms of the MIT/X11 license (included in the code).

Download: Version 1.1 [PGP signature]

Blender version 2.65 or newer is required.

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In Blender, select File > User Preferences, Addons tab, Install from File button. Navigate to the downloaded zip file and install it. It should now be listed as "Add Mesh: Local QR Code" under the "Add Mesh" category. Click the checkbox on the right to enable it, and "Save User Settings" if you want it enabled every time you run Blender.

Enabling the addon


Add a new code through Add > Mesh > QR Code. It will be created in the XY plane, oriented for scanning from the top.

Add Mesh menu

Once added, you can control the following from the operator properties box in the tool shelf (the mesh will update immediately):

  • Data: the text to encode; more compact encodings such as number or alphanumeric will be detected automatically
  • Invert: whether to create blocks for the background or foreground
  • Fixed size: whether to scale the code to a fixed size of 2x2, or build it from 1x1 blocks
  • Join blocks: whether to join vertices of adjacent blocks together; you might not want this for stylizations like adding space between each block
  • Border size, in blocks
  • Error correction: higher levels are more resistant to damage, but may be more difficult to scan due to the greater amount of data

QR Code properties box

Be sure to use a dark-colored foreground on a light background for your final product to be able to scan the code.

Thanks for downloading, and have a lot of fun!